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ECISP.CN is to provide a more agile WEB application development and simplify enterprise application development mainly born.

The development of easy to think EasySitePM has many outstanding features and characteristics, through the practical application of more than five years, in 2009 officially open-source and free download trial! In the ease of use, scalability and load optimization and continuous improvement, a large number of typical cases to ensure that stability for the enterprise portal development.

ECISP.CN can provide enterprises with rapid e-business solutions, enterprise B2B, B2C and enterprise management systems, has a wealth of experience, the development of software development using object-oriented structure and the MVC model, and integration of many advanced technologies In project control, quality management and interface design have won many customers!

Our development objective is: more cost-saving enterprise to WEB application deployment simpler, faster, more practical. This ECISP.CN will continue to absorb and integrate into better technology to ensure its freshness and vitality, providing WEB enterprise application management best practices!

ECISP.CN development trajectory:

June 2004: EasySitePM Enterprise recommend the 1.0 version, and provides enterprise business in

August 2005: EasySitePM Enterprise recommend the 2.0 version, and provide ASP and PHP are two different versions in

September 2007: After three years of commercial EasySitePM Enterprise recommend the 3.0 version, and removed the ASP version, focused on the development of open source PHP version in

April 2008: EasySitePM Enterprise recommend the 3.1 version, and a new interface upgrade, adding a number of features

June 2008: EasySitePM Enterprise recommend the 3.2 version, adding a visual editing e-mail in

May 2009: EasySitePM Enterprise recommend the 3.5 version of the template engine upgrades, more templates to achieve the visual management and conversion in 2009 November: ECISP.CN formally launched, and provide EasySitePM Enterprise free download and enterprise-wide business support in

May 2010: Website Chinese name officially changed to "Er-create network together" in

July 2010: EasySitePM Enterprise officially changed its name to easy to think EasySitePM, and provide 4.0 online demo in

August 2010: Seoul record net joint innovation the "Easy EasySitePM4.0" officially available for download